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恋愛遺伝子XX - Eiki Eiki, Taishi Zaou Cute drawings, weak plots. WTF ending.


Branded - P.L. Nunn
Holly shit! This is super fucked up. I didn't like it once he was taken by that crazy Judge. Also didn't like what happened at that depraved fair. O﹏o

I guess Book 2 is way too dark and insane for me. I only enjoyed the part where the poor guy is still a ponyboy and being trained hard by his rough handlers.

After finishing the book, I wish for him a fast death. The poor thing. How could anyone survive that kind of insanity? I am fully disturbed by that last scene.

But I can't blame anyone as I have been well warned. The author did state in full caps on the blurb that this book is HARDCORE NON-CON AND TORTURE-PORN. If you think [b:Neko|10857743|Neko|P.L. Nunn||15772652] has it bad. Think again.

Now I am pretty torn on whether I should get Book 3 when it's available for sale. But I can't exactly say no since I am dying to know if there's any hope for the young man at the end. Actually I had thought that Book 2 is the finale since it was started so on the blurb of Book 1. Seems like this isn't the case at all. I do hope Book 3 would wrap everything up. I need a good closure for that tortured soul.

Yes, I am very smitten by this book cover. (˘‿˘ʃƪ)

Title: [b:Branded|32617998|Branded (Branded, #2)|P.L. Nunn||53205243] 2 (Branded #2)
Author: [a:P.L. Nunn|2986789|P.L. Nunn|]
Publication Date: Unknown
Publisher: Self-Pub
Type: Short Graphic Novel (31 pages - Color and Black and White)
Genre: Gay Graphic Novel Erotica, Hardcore Ponyplay
Tags/Keywords: hardcore ponyplay, heavy noncon, capture-kidnap, bondage, butt plug, horse bit, horse saddle, bondage horse shoe glove, human pony taming/training, rapes, gang-rapes, breathplay, boxed, depravity, bestiality, dehumanization, objectification, exhibitionism, torture, humiliation, human horse/pony, cock-ball-torture (CBT), corporal punishments, piercing, whipping, enema, scat, fisting

The second book of the Branded series.

Things get darker for our unfortunate young cowhand, when he is taken to the yearly gathering, where he discovers he is not the only drifter to be taken and turned into a plaything for the men of this strange western community. As if that were bad enough, the Judge, the leader of this sadistic little cult, has decided to claim him.


This is not a book for the faint of heart, so be warned.

★|| PL Nunn's Bishonen Works ||★

* Reviewed on October 17th, 2016


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Yahoo! Finally! The 2nd book is out and available for purchase. So getting this yummy edition for my ponyplay collection. A-MUST-HAVE even-though my currency is now very weak against USD. *cries a little*. But I would kill myself if I miss this one.


* October 16th, 2016

Unknown Book 6406245

Unknown Book 6406245 - Yeri Na
Pretty engrossing drama with lots of rama but it didn't end how I wish it would. In fact I believe many readers would feel the same like me. Kinda sad and disappointed with Jinwoon and Hosoon's closure. That's life I guess. Not everything would go the way we wanted it to be. So in a way this story favors realism and the author does not believe in handing out rose-colored glasses to her readers. I respect that.

* October 15th, 2016

Do Whatever You Want, Volume 01

Do Whatever You Want, Volume 01 - Yeri Na
This is a review and rating of the whole series. I am giving it a 3.5 stars...

...because I like the art style and it's a pleasure to feast my eyes on all the bishonen in the manga. Yummy! I also enjoyed the storyline and the lively characters. The mangaka likes to dress up her characters. It's like they are modeling in front of me. And they even have the looks to match. Lots of eye-candies. What fun!


It is pretty engrossing drama with lots of rama but it didn't end how I wish it would. In fact I believe many readers would feel the same like me. Kinda sad and disappointed with Jinwoon and Hosoon's closure. That's life I guess. Not everything would go the way we wanted it to be. So in a way this story favors realism and the author does not believe in handing out rose-colored glasses to her readers. I respect that.

Although this is a shoujo manga and is not a yaoi manga, there are quite a lot of fanservices for yaoi fans. There are much suggestive homoerotic behaviors amongst the boys. Well actually, one of the boys (not that two main characters) did have obvious attraction to his long time friend which was not reciprocated at all. And a couple of the adults are either gay or bisexual. As for the two main characters, they shown clear attraction to girls and one even have a girlfriend. Although their bromance is very VERY deep. So deep that you think they would take it on to the next level. That is what I was hoping for of course. I am guilty of that. I know. Not a surprise here since I am a die-hard yaoi/gay stories reader.

Jinwoon and Hosoon looked so good together. They are also quite intimate with each other. I really like that.


* October 15th, 2016

Finder Volume 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder

Finder Volume 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder - Ayano Yamane
Super hot threesome in this episode. It's the most awaited threesome in this series. Just that I am still unsure if that scorching hot ménage à trois is for real or only a fantasy that sensei created to satisfy us hungry fangirls. I for one have been dreaming for Asami x Akihito x Fei Long threesome for the longest time since I started this series. It's so surreal I have a hard time believing Akihito would actually permit that smexy scene to happen at all. Aki serving two hot male specimens at the same time and the intense undercurrent exchange between Asami and Fei Long is gloriously arousing.

Yamane sensei is always amazing at delivering stimulating and orgasmic sex scenes. I love how she drew those passionate kissing scenes. Her kissing scenes are arousing even to someone like me who personally does not like kissing.

Pic#1: Asami's trademark forceful, dominating and passionate kiss for his little blond kitten. This image is from Volume 6.

Pic#2: I find this image divinely arousing. Just look at that tongue action. Akihito was feeling conflicted here due jealousy. This image is actually taken from Volume 7, the current book I am reading.

* October 10th, 2016

Totally Captivated Side Story: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets Volume 2

Totally Captivated Side Story: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets Volume 2 - Hajin Yoo
I am SO glad Ewon made the right decision this time round. If he did not, I would have thrown him into the deepest sea. Hated the way he takes Mookyul's love for granted especially for the sake of someone so undeserving of his compassion (talking about his irresponsible parents, not the little one).

Anyways, I think the sequels are great too. Adore these two lovey-dovey birds. They are truly a passionate pair. Their love confession is very intense and soul-stirring.

* 5th October 2016

アフターモーニング・ラブ [After Morning Love]

アフターモーニング・ラブ [After Morning Love] - Mitori Fujii 3.5 stars. Could have been 4 stars if not for that abrupt mind change change.

エバーアフター [Ever After]

エバーアフター [Ever After] - Est Em
If I am not mistaken, this book is my first taste of Est Em's work. At first, I was not used to her art style. I needed some time to get pass that to see the beauty within. Come to think of it. Perhaps it was because of her unusual artwork that I didn't pick up any of her books until now. Then the title and the cover of this particular book captured my interest and I decided to try it for once and was captivated. I read it in one sitting - something I seldom do.


I think I have gotten the hang of her art style and now wanting more. I find that her artwork is unlike those typical Japanese manga artwork. Est Em's illustrations has similarities to western graphic novels type of art.

I quite enjoy her stories as well. It has depths and projects the maturity of the minds which is very different from those usual Yaoi manga fare. Her stories makes you think. And her artwork suits her story's style very much.

There are 6 fairy-tales retelling in this book.
1) Cinderella
2) Little Red Riding Hood
3) The Little Mermaid
4) Beauty and the Beast
5) The Bamboo Princess
6) Carmen

Little Red Riding Hood is rather twisted and dark. Cinderella with a BDSM twist is refreshing and sexy. The Mermaid Merman and the Prince is intriguing and mysterious. I feel sorry for the boyfriend's aquarium pet after said merman ahemm.. you-know-what. Other than that pet issue, it is nice to have a merman as a boyfriend especially during those hot summer days. You just need to ensure you have an oversized bathtub at home.

*Reviewed on October 1st, 2016

Tatsuyuki Oyamato The 4th

Tatsuyuki Oyamato The 4th - Scarlet Beriko
More like 2.5 Stars :/

アシッド・フラワー [Acid Flower]

アシッド・フラワー [Acid Flower] - Yoshimi Amasaki, 天咲吉実 Pure smuts with light peppering of so called plots. And WTF ending.

* September 27th, 2016

Desmond: A Novel about Love and the Modern Vampire

Desmond: A Novel about Love and the Modern Vampire - Ulysses Grant Dietz
Amazon again!

Why everyone seems to only favor selling their books solely on Amazon? Wish they would consider having their books at a few more ebookstores such as Smashwords or Kobobooks where their don't block off buyers just because of where they are located.

Found a used copy of this book online but it was very expensive for a tattered copy and shipping it from overseas would take no less than a month with risk of it going missing during the transition. Sigh... what a dilemma.

If given the chance, I would rather buy this book as a digital copy and support the author. I am quite keen on reading it since the author is a fan of Anne Rice and the book was inspired by her vampires. I am a die-hard fan of her vampire chronicles. Read it when I was still a very young woman. It is one of those books that I have read and reread many times over without tiring.

You could say that this book is a gay version of Anne Rice's vampire stories -- or so I think. I have always wished for Lestat and Louis to be a real couple. If Desmond is anything like the charismatic brat prince, Lestat. I am more than willing to be his victim.

*Frustrated silent scream in head* I don't know. I might just suck it up and grab that tattered copy. *rolls eyes at self*

* September 26th, 2016



November 2nd, 2016 - It has arrived! The book has finally arrived from to my office today. Yay! Actually, I have totally forgotten I have ordered for it. Haha

September 27th, 2016 - I have succumbed. Bought the used copy from Heh, at least the purchase also contributes to a good cause. Although it hurts my wallet purse, whatever.


Daddy - Jack Harbon
Lovely realistic slow burn romance. Down-to-earth young man meets mysterious suave mid-age millionaire. Both brought their own baggage into the budding relationship built on uncertain shaky grounds. Mistletoe, Vegas splurge, wedding bells and all that? Yes, and a no. Afterall reality is a hard to please biatch.

I found this gem at Wattpad. Been frequenting that site to alleviate my current book PMS and help mend my pocket. Times are challenging our livelihood. We need more freebies! And thank god for the internet we have our answers. When you struck gold, freebies could even be tons better than what you fork out hard-earned money for.

Back to our book. A prank by his best friend lands our MC with a megabuck sugar daddy. Although Mateo was not keen on the idea, he found himself drawn to the mysterious man who seems to hide something dark behind his suave countenance. Being a levelheaded kid and with his family as his utmost priority since his father was incapacitated, he decided to approach their relationship with much care and precautions. Nevertheless it is almost impossible to not fall for Arthur's kindness, his liberal-mindedness and especially his charms. Hell, what I would not give to have such a dream guy as my other half. So of course when shits hits the ceiling the whole world shakes and threatens to bring Mateo down along with it. What is Arthur so desperately hiding from him that it would cost them their perfect loving relationship so easily?

Now all this might sound like your usual slice of life drama romance fare. What held my attention was how real and natural the characters are, down to his family members and friends. How I adore Mateo and Arthur's respective female best friends. They are both such wonderful souls to have as a friend. A blessing really. I love their outspoken personality and the dynamics they have when they are together. They are close like siblings but not the annoying kind of siblings we tend to have. I think I like Mateo's BFF the most. She rocks!

Last but not least, I also enjoyed the storyline as it has much warmth and human touch. Mateo's relationship with his parents and siblings are beautiful to watch. They might be poor and struggling to make ends meet but they don't lack love in their household. That is most important and something all the money in this world couldn't buy.

Yes a free story with no editor to guide and assist would not be able to escape from spelling and typo errors. Yet I must say this author did rather well. The story was not heavily marred with unsightly errors. In fact I find the reading experience quite smooth and enjoyable.

Give Daddy a try if you are a sucker for good slow burn romances. Especially one with heart.

Happy reading and exploring. Wattpad is a good platform to discover good reads. I even have the Wattpad app on my phone and Tablet PC. Handy!

Reviewed on 25th September 2016

F. Compo, Vol. 14

F. Compo, Vol. 14 - Tsukasa Hojo Ergh! What a fucked up ending. Hates being played like that by the author. Where's the promised long awaited answer that you have been withholding the entire story? You call this a closure? Seems to me like a betrayal of your fans trust and faith.

Abduction; An Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance

Abduction; An Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance - Amelita Rae
Super sexcited by the cover and the promises on the blurb. It has all the yummies to feed huge chunk of my kink.

Please let this be good.

* September 3rd, 2016

〈長恨歌下之巻〉青蛾 (Chokonka, #2)

〈長恨歌下之巻〉青蛾 (Chokonka, #2) - Shikiko Yamaai, 山藍 紫姫子, 水上 シン
My review for both book 1 & 2 is over here.

Anyways, this is totally worth reading. Makes me feel kinky like hell.

〈長恨歌上之巻〉蛇性の婬 (Chokonka, #1)

〈長恨歌上之巻〉蛇性の婬 (Chokonka, #1) - Shikiko Yamaai, 山藍 紫姫子, 水上 シン
I am giving this solid 4 stars for the combination of both Book 1 and 2. The story is delightfully smutty and erotic as hell.

This book is quite extreme on the BDSM play. No rules or safewords here. It was powerplay with 24/7 TPE and there is lots of pain involved with the pleasures. Totally noncon drugged sex and tons of rapes. A very very rapey novel.

After finishing the book I still couldn't tell if there is an ounce of romance involved between the rapist and rapee. Feels more like an obsession to me. I do wonder if what the rapee felt for his rapists was a sign of Stolkholm Sydrome. Anyhow I must say that the relationship between these three men are truly intriguing. They had some kind of unique twisted bonds between all three of them. Yup, this is a menage. Two hunky virile men continuously fucking one beautiful androgynous young man against his will.

What makes this book even more unique is that the story was mostly told from the point of view of a virginal girl. A chance meeting of these men had drastically changed and molded this innocent young girl's life from a carefree young heiress to a lovesick and disturbed young woman. It is not everyday you get to read a gay story or in this case a Yaoi story from a woman's view literally. Not talking about female authors writing a gay story here but to watch a gay story unfolds behind the eyes of a female character. Refreshing right?

If I am to summarize this, I would call it a quality spank bank material with substance. Lots of substance and character. Hell! I wish the author would indulge me with further continuation stories of these three mysterious men.

If you want to learn more about this story, Mizuki a GR friend of mine has summarized it in her review here and here.

P/S: There is animals party crashing. Live animals involved in the sex play but it is not bes-tia-li-ty. Very kinky indeed.

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