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A Wild Ride

A Wild Ride - Patrick Richards
Big Book of Pain and Sufferings. Makes you wanna grab your balls and run!

Absolute hardcore S&M reading material.

This is a very very tall tale and it is depraved like hell. Nick's life changed drastically when he threw himself headlong into the dark D/S world after answering a dominatrix advertisement on Craigslist. You might think this is femdom from the sound of it but it really isn't so. Pussy one very short time only and cocks all the way until the end. Nick is a straight guy but after he was sold as a sex slave he had close encounters with so many variety of man meat. I think he loves his first master's foot-long meaty cock the best although it hurts like a bitch. His overly masochist self craves for it as has learned that serving his master gives him the best pleasure.

Nick went from eating hot pussy to sucking white jumbo cocks to worshiping black gargantua man meat. He went from being a reluctant slave to a sadistic master to a mere pain toy at the mercy of a psychotic man. He was turned into a piss guzzler, a prostitute and then getting his balls fried along with the rest of him and the list of pain and insane tortures goes on and on. Then again do not worry as he has balls of steel and cough... he still has em at the end. Although I wish he could lose em fast enough to save him from all those ongoing gruesome CBT tortures.(click on the spoiler if you wanna know if he retains his nuts). It is like neverending CBT. When reading this book one would start to feel that being an eunuch has certain appeal. Be warned that the edgeplay in this book is rather on the extreme side borderline snuff material. I was properly horrified on behalf of those poor victims.

Now for the downside of things. Yes, what I have written above is not it. Those are the fun things a sadist and also a masochist readers would love reading. A spank bank for them. I am not very fond of pain and tends to avoid excessive pain in my books hence torture porn books does not appeal much to me. If I read it, it is mainly for the domination and TPE portion. I love the feeling of having total control and it is lovely if the subs suffers mentally. Okay so back to the downside of things with this book. It seems to me the characters does not act or even react or think like normal human beings. This applies to the protagonist as well as the antagonist. It is frustrating that the protagonist has no sense of self-preservation or enough fear to avoid getting himself hurt. He has repeatedly done questionable actions to screw himself over and over again. No. It is not bad luck. It is just pure stupidity. The guy has dicks for brain. Also there are just unbelievably too many bad situations thrown in together. A non-stop train wreck. There is no time for you or the protagonist to catch his breath.

Overall it is still a fun ride regardless of the protagonist's lack of brain matter. The book is a good spank bank material in the hands of the masochistic and sadistic. Even I got my high from the TPE and harsh domination. I find that it is not exactly fair to judge the book badly just because the protagonist was chucked into too many shitty situations because---- if you have noticed the title of the book, this is indeed a wild ride and it did answers well to the promises of the blurb. Although I must add that the blurb is not well put together and would attract wrong type of readers to pick it up and ending in disappointment.

To me this is around a 3.5 stars read. Since I did not find it boring or too difficult to finish. I just need to suspend my reality while reading it and I did had a somewhat good time. From what I have said I don't think you need to be a genius to know that this book is not for the faith of heart or those seeking prim and proper BDSM reads. Pick it up if hardcore no rules S&M gets your rocks off and you wanna have some sexy me time in your bedroom.


Title: [b:A Wild Ride|26014182|A Wild Ride|Patrick Richards||45934829]
Author: [a:Patrick Richards|3859139|Patrick Richards|]
Publication Date: August 28th, 2015
Type: Novel, 75,580 words
Genre: M/M Gay Erotica, Contemporary, Fiction, BDSM
Tags/Keywords: non-consensual, bondage, dominance-submission, D/S, dungeon, master-slave, anal sex, rape, slavery, slave training, abduction, captives, torture, abuse, oral sex, chastity, orgasm denial, self-bondage, CBT (cock & ball torture), butt plug, enema, collared, edgeplay, eletro-play, watersports, sensory-deprivation, prostitution, flagellation, mummification, needle-play, knife-play, wax-play, submissive, dominate, masochist, sadist, caged, boxed-up, confinement, TPE (total-power-exchange)

Someone said to Nick Johnson, “There is no difference between a cock and a clit. It is just a matter of size.” Well to a straight guy there’s a big difference. And Nick Johnson was as straight as it gets. He had so many girls in college, he couldn’t return for the second semester.
Nick was down on his luck. He was alone in a great big world and couldn’t begin to get ahead. He had no job, no future and no family to help him out.
His nights were spent on the internet, reading porn and watching videos of women dominating men. He constantly dreamed of serving a beautiful dominatrix, scantily dressed in sexy black leather, wielding a cruel whip.
Quite often he had heard that things on the internet are not as they appear. He was so naïve by thinking, “That can’t happen to me.”
After answering an ad on Craig’s list for a night of “fun with ropes, whips and paddles,” he learned how deceptive people can be. He quickly realized that he was wrong. It could happen to him.
I guess “fun with whips and paddles” is an oxymoron. The words fun and whips sort of contradict each other, especially when the person using the whip in a devout sadist. There’s nothing fun about a brutal flogging. There’s nothing fun about having a cattle prod held to your testicles while you’re hanging by your wrists from the ceiling. There is nothing fun when a straight, heterosexual male is forced to suck a cock rather than eat a pussy.
Nick’s journey through life just goes from bad to worse. Every turn seems to be down an even rougher road. From drug dealers and pimps to sadistic killers and leather doms, he experiences it all. He is forced to endure more than anyone would ever think possible, yet he somehow seems to persevere.(Hiding it in a spoiler as it was way to long.)


* Reviewed on August 14th, 2016


Pero Pero-chan

Pero Pero-chan - Shouko Takaku
Ka-wa-weeee! Oozing cuteness.

* August 9th, 2016

Tyler's Training

Tyler's Training - kracy wan
Probably around 2.5 stars.

It didn't meet my expectations. There are some small bits of humiliation and degradation fun here and there but it wasn't even on par with the previous puppy play book I've read; [b:The Dog Trap|24797200|The Dog Trap|Felicia Drake||44433662] by [a:Felicia Drake|12414679|Felicia Drake|]. In fact nothing much happened in this short story or I should say nothing erotic happened.

Therefore I it wasn't worth the amount I paid for it. The new doggy man gave in too quickly and easily. I like em to be spirited with touch more guts. Doormats are boring.

* Reviewed on 25th July 2016

Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2: The Show

Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2: The Show - Arden Chase
Somehow Book 2 lacks the intensity found in the first book. Even the sexual tension between Sol and his master has faded a few shades. There are still noteworthy kinky and erotic moments peppering the book. I especially enjoyed the intense powerplay between Master Graham and his red-headed pony, Blaze. Their session is a great test of submission and a rather good show of unyielding dominance. Master Graham has a firm hand although he is caring and tender in his own way. Blaze feels safe in his master's hands which could bring him untold pleasure amidst the pain he earns from his surrender, body and soul. I love seeing them together. Unfortunately they only had a couple of short scenes in this book.

This story follows Sol, the treasured new pony of Master Ian from Book 1. This time the story was told from Sol's point of view instead of his master. We would get the pony's true feelings on their enslavement and dehumanization. Sounds great right? But too bad. Maybe for me that is. Because once I found out how much the ponies yearns to submit to their handlers, my interest starts to wane. Too willing ponies not my cuppa tea exactly. I am bad. I know. I prefer the hardcore ponyplay when it comes to my fantasies.

Another thing nagging me is that sometimes there just aren't enough visual descriptions to help me have a clearer image of the scene I am reading. I couldn't even make out the placement of the ponies' arms and hands during their usage, especially when they are pulling carts or traps. I wanted to know what sort of gears they had on and how they look in it. It is part and parcel of what I expected ponyplay erotica to deliver. It's not a huge issue but it is definitely not negligible.

*Reviewed on July 20th, 2016


Pets - Mychael Black

Holly shit! This story sure is fucked up though not the kind of fuck up I enjoy. I am utterly bored by it after said pet met its master. I had to skim read to finish it. Luckily it wasn't a long one.

I felt cheated. Cheated by trusting the book's title and blurb. The first chapter gave me false illusion of a worthy master & pet read. I must say I am thoroughly disappointed. The characters' action and motivation does not make sense and the plot is rushed. The sex lacklustre standard fare. The story itself has zero depth. Even the 'romance' felt slapped on.

This is certainly not my cup of tea. If you are looking for some erotic petplay, turn around and look elsewhere. There's no petplay here. Nor would you find eroticism here. It's just neverending rainbows, cheerful ponies in pretty ribbons prancing around. Chokes on the sugar.

* Reviewed on 10th July 2016

Rally Cry

Rally Cry - William R. Forstchen 29 Dec 2016: I have collected book 1 to 9 in digital format.

Recalcitrant Pony Boy

Recalcitrant Pony Boy - Arden Chase
I have thoroughly enjoyed this piece. There are rough and raw moments as well as heart-stirring tender moments. I enjoyed the sexual tension between the master and his ponyboy. The firm hand of the master and the reluctant submission of the pony made it all the more sweeter and tantalizing. Makes my body tingles and feels so good. And that my friend, is exactly the point of reading erotica.

I also love it when the human ponies fights their equine conditioning he was forced to subject to although in this story the ponyboys does not seem to project normal human behaviors, a puzzling fact which was pretty much left as loose ends by the author. Seems like the ponyboys here are breed in captivity and born to be pack-animals instead of the usual kidnapped-sold-as-slaves fare. Truthfully I did favor the latter but this one was unique in its own way and rather entertaining.

There are moments the author would take my breath-away with moving words of love and admiration the master has for his beautiful pony. I find their relationship sensual, erotic as well as unsuspectingly romantic. The story is mostly focused on the pony training and the master and pet dynamics with the POV of the master instead of the ponies for a change. And of course there are good doses of humiliation and degradation as a ponyplay erotica should cater for.

Overall it is a beautifully written ponyplay story with a couple of flaws here and there. Nevertheless a fulfilling read for those who craves some human equine erotica with a plot as well as a good pornographic material to feed your sexual desire.

* Reviewed on July 17th, 2016

Never Anger a Witch

Never Anger a Witch - Jennifer East SO wicked! I am loving it. If only it was longer. Ah, the sweet sweet longings. This story gives "human-sex-toy" a whole new erotic perspective. Bizzare sex could be ahemm... tantalising.

He's such a precious little pet. Wish I could have him.

The Dog Trap

The Dog Trap - Felicia Drake It's good but not good enough. It was rather short. Wished it was longer and that the cruel wife could peg him hard while he suck on her lover's big dick. “ψ(`∇´)ψ

Boys Love

Boys Love - Kaim Tachibana Just watched the film adaptation forth night ago. The film follows the manga's plot faithfully.

I really find it hard to understand Minami's last action since their relationship is so new and his motivation to be with Noeru forever in that kind of circumstances is just hard to buy.

The Captain's Pet

The Captain's Pet - Samantha Cayto
Finally! Finally finished this book. Yup, somehow I got bored with it at some point. Took me eight freaking months to finish it. Not that it was a badly written book but it does drag in places though.

Didn't feel the connection or attraction between the protagonist and his master. Feels like just lots of rough sex aka rapes and then suddenly he is all okay with it and even wants more of it. Don't get me wrong. I am so NOT not complaining about the rough sexing cos hell as I am all for it!

Perhaps it's the emotional transition from an unwilling sex slave to a cherished pet that was not handled very well here. Or, I just wanted him to resist more so I get to see more of his helplessness and despairs. Soaking up all his pain and suffering like a dry and thirsty sponge. Yeah, I get kicks out of stuff like this. “ψ(`∇´)ψ

One more thing to note - If you're a sucker for forced seduction that automatically comes with romance, this book wouldn't cut it. From the erotica perspective, I find the most enjoyable parts are the rough sex and the degradation of the sex pets. Gosh how I adored the leashes and collars. Too bad they didn't make the pets crawl on all fours.

* Reviewed on 7th June 2016

P/S: I actually had to type this review on my mobile phone. So please pardon the typos and shits. Thank you.

STE: 115

STE: 115 - Jake Ward
Read this ages ago as an Online Fiction. I think it was around 2009 or 2010. I had much fun and pleasure reading it back then. It wasn't finished when I got tired of waiting around for the next chapter. If not mistaken I was around Chapter 13 or 14.

This story certainly isn't for the weak ones. This is definitely not MM romance. It is pure unadulterated pain laced erotica for the sadist inside you. Tons and tons of non-consensual body modifications apart from other forms of sexual tortures. Not a single slave is willing. Think forced and forceful. Indeed very extreme.

I am glad it is now an ebook. What I hope is that the editing has improved now that is sold as an ebook. Way back then I was superbly confused when the author uses numbers to identify the characters. This wouldn't be much of a problem if there are only 2 or 3 characters using the numbers in place of their names. BUT if a whole slew of characters are to be identify in that way. Oh momma!

Anyways I am going to tackle this series as soon as I could. Kinda curious how the story ends.

* June 20th, 2016

波斯刺客: 囚徒之舞

波斯刺客: 囚徒之舞 - 深海先生
Sad bittersweet ending but I love it to bits. The romance is so twisted that it borderlines on psychotic level. Which is of course the magic to capture my total attention. Seems like I have this deep fascination to dysfunctional relationships. The more fucked up it is, all the more intrigued I am with it. Need I start worrying about my state of mind?

The English translation for the title should be Persian Assassin: Prisoner's Dance by Mr. Deep Sea. I was first introduced to this author's work via another fabulous story he/she had written; 德萨罗人鱼 (Dersharow Merman). It was an impressive mythical merfolk fantasy. Epic really. So good I have read it twice! I planned on re-reading it again in future.

Persian Assassin is also a fantasy but this time it is a story with a Persian country's background filled with mysteries, spies with dangerous missions, political intrigue, supernatural power and I was delighted to discovered an mpreg subplot complete with magical birth!

The story was a very engrossing read and one of the best gay Romeo & Juliet kind of romance ever! It was filled with burning passion and the plot was action packed, an adrenaline junkie's heaven. The protagonist and his love interest is a pair of true star-crossed lovers. Yes it was tragedious but have no fear as at the end of it the author gave us a glimpse of hope and happiness.

I do adore the protagonist but not as much as his love interest who is a multifaceted character. That mysterious man is neither good or bad, he is cruel yet tender, utterly obsessive and possessive towards the protagonist, and very much a self-serving man yet self-sacrificial when it comes to protecting their love. As for the protagonist, he is a pretty face with guts and he is also loyal to a fault. As a well honed assassin he is agile, quick and lithe. He moves like a cat, a wild cat when he is sneaking into enemy's territory or when he fights. Think Prince of Persia or the Catwoman. The guy is a sexy ball of energy. The story started with him being sold as a pleasure slave at the market where he met a mysterious guy who bought him and held him captive at his mansion. A lot of puzzling things started to happen when he met that guy. It turned his world upside down and spiraling to the abyss of no return. Tried as he might to avoid that man but fate would not let him go easily.

What I noticed most when reading Chinese BL novels is that their men are real men. They don't act like girls even when they are the receiver. I really appreciate this cos if I wanted to read about girls being dominated by men, I could have just gone for a heterosexual romance book. Yes I would most definitely recommend this book. The story has imprinted itself on my mind forever. Should one day some kind soul actually helped to translate it into English, please do not miss the opportunity to read it for yourself.

*Reviewed on July 24th, 2016
(Finished reading it on 31st March 2016, that was uhmm about 4 months ago. Yes it took me a long time to get to this review. I am such a procrastinator. Red shamed face.)

Man-Dogs of Arriden

Man-Dogs of Arriden - Fyn Alexander
I am going with 3.5 stars. I was able to enjoy this thanks to M'rella's prereading advise not to take it too seriously or be over critical. So I did just that and ignore the character's baffling actions and threw common sense out the window.

I had fun following the adventure of Star the man-dog wannabe eunuch in his quest to seek a master worthy of his loyalty and devotion. He is a very sweet pup although he comes with a serious jealous streak. I only wish I could read more of how much that poor man-horse has suffered under the hands of his new owner and groom before Star met him.

* March 26th, 2016

不能动 (Can't Move)

不能动 (Can't Move) - Feng Nong 3.5 Stars for this. It could have been awesome.

It's an entertaining story but there are certain areas which marrs its perfection. Yet I must say that I did enjoy the twisted romance and the dark aspect a little too much to care about its imperfection.

Oh one more thing... I freaking dislike that jungle trekking plot and that whinny sister. I am not fond of what that tyrannic lover did towards the very end of the story. So I am sorry I need to knock of half a stars from my initial 4 stars rating.

* March 7th, 2016


德萨罗人鱼 - 深海先生
This has been an enjoyable read. I like the creative take on the merfolks lore which was infused with both mythical and scifi aspect. There's a touch of incest due to the culture differences between the two species. It was interesting how these merfolks selects their mates.

Eventhough there is an element of imprinting that caused the protagonist to crave the touch of his unwelcome sex-crazed violator cum future mate but there is no instant love here. In fact it is a slow and steady romance development with hoards of rocky situations to overcome before they came to mutual understanding and compromisation.

At times the time-traveling events might cause a bit of disorientation but the author did his/her best to get readers back on track before we start sweating about it.

Anyhoo, I have enjoyed it enough to go back for a second visit right now.

* February 8th, 2016



Chinese Boy's Love with Mermaid theme! Woohoo!

image image image

There's even a RADIODRAMA of it.

* January 25th, 2016

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