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Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella - Wataru Murayama It was fun and interesting at some parts but I didn't like how it ended. That ending defeats the point of the story.

Overall I say that this manga is unique and bizarre, I've never read any gender-bender story like it before.

* January 22nd, 2016

NOTE: This review covers all 3 books of this series.

Diary of Sangchul (Totally Captivated dj)

Diary of Sangchul (Totally Captivated dj) - Hajin Yoo
This volume unveils the background story of the mysterious relationship between Mookyul and the CEO (The Old Man). There is really more to it that we know. That old man is a pretty twisted inside.

I was kinda surprised Sangchul and Mookyul had had that sort of ahem.. "encounter" with each other before little Jung Fox aka Ewon came into their lives.

* October 5th, 2016

ONE OUTS 20 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition)

ONE OUTS 20 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition) - 甲斐谷忍
This last book of the series is still as interesting and exciting as the rest. But it was somewhat rushed at the ending.

I have an inkling Tokuchi would do what he did after that landmark championship. Nevertheless I am sad about it. At the same time I think it adds much mystery to the already elusive main character. If only there is a continuation of this story. I would love to get glimpses of Tokuchi's background.

* January 12th, 2016

ONE OUTS 18 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition)

ONE OUTS 18 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition) - 甲斐谷忍
It's painful to watch the inevitable unfolds in Book 18. I guess we need it for the climax of the ending.

ONE OUTS 16 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition)

ONE OUTS 16 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition) - 甲斐谷忍
Tokuchi is a mindfuck expert! No contest! This manga series a huge mindfuck and I love it. It's a first time ever that I wish to sex up a 2D character.

* Jan 10, 2016


ONE OUTS 14 - Shinobu Kaitani, Shinobu Kaitani TO - KU - CHI! TO - KU - CHI! TO - KU - CHI! *cheering heart out madly*

ONE OUTS 13 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition)

ONE OUTS 13 (ヤングジャンプコミックスDIGITAL) (Japanese Edition) - 甲斐谷忍
Volume 13 is on fire! At this rate, those two poor old geezers might really get a stroke from all that intensity produced by Tokuchi. So fun!

A man with a brilliant mind is very sexy <3<br/>

[RANDOM RAVE] Stealing Innocents by Cari Waites, Lisa Henry

Today, I just got my mind....




.... when I saw this...



OMG! Lisa Henry is the mysterious dark-erotica author, Cari Waites! This could only mean that we are in for lots of naughty wicked stuff to come!


I can't wait! Cari writes delicious out-of-the-box dark and downright deprave stories. It's like a siren call to me. I am weak to the allure of her dark erotica and Lisa is without restraints when she's Cari Waites. No HEA? No problemo, all the more welcome.


Stealing Innocents is a compilation of Cari aka Lisa Henry's previous books which I have read and adored to bits and pieces.


From reading the blurb here, I believe this book consist of the following stories:-


STORY#1: Gamble Everything

It brought me to Cloud9 and I get to stay in Subspace for quite some time. Ahhh~~ remembering it gives me fullbody tingles and lady-boner. [MY REVIEW]


STORY#2: Crazy

Another successful braingasm + lady-boner. Noncon + Straitjacket made my day. So helpless and vunerable. [MY REVIEW]



STORY#3: Falling Angels

Even I, got speechless over this dark piece. [MY REVIEW]


STORY#4: I have yet to read the 4th story which was a new addition specially written for this compilation.




* 19th November 2015


Stealing Innocents

Stealing Innocents - Cari Waites, Lisa Henry
Today, I just got my mind....

.... when I saw this...

OMG! Lisa Henry

STORY#2: Crazy

STORY#3: Falling Angels

STORY#4: I have yet to read the 4th story which was a new addition specially written for this compilation.

* 19th November 2015

Dear Myself (Yaoi)

Dear Myself (Yaoi) - Eiki Eiki
Pretty interesting premise and it's quite engaging but not enough for full 4 stars. Didn't like the artwork and I don't see myself wanting to reread it in future. So it's a 3.5 stars or less.

* 12th November 2015

Little Butterfly, Vol. 03

Little Butterfly, Vol. 03 - Hinako Takanaga
Back to 3.5 stars again. It's not as good as book 2.

* 5th November 2015

Little Butterfly, Vol. 02

Little Butterfly, Vol. 02 - Hinako Takanaga
This round a solid 4 stars. The plot has thicken and getting more interesting.

* 5 November 2015

Little Butterfly, Vol. 01

Little Butterfly, Vol. 01 - Hinako Takanaga
More like a 3.5 stars. Enjoyable read but nothing remarkable. Just cute and sweet.

* 5th Nov 2015

Future Lovers Volume 2

Future Lovers Volume 2 - Saika Kunieda, 国枝 彩香
I am not exactly a fan of Kunieda sensei's artwork. Yet I find this manga worthwhile. It's rare to find Yaoi manga with depth and this one has spades. I like how the mangaka realistically portrays the various issues faced by same sex couples. I even find myself tearing up a little when the lovers was discussing about their future and one of them was worried he wouldn't be able to ensure his other half gets taken care of when he kicks the bucket if they do not have any legal bindings like married couple gets to enjoy. He was agonizing over how he could ensure his lover could legally secure his assets and estate once he is no longer there to take of of him.

Although this manga sounds serious but it wasn't all just about the heavy stuff as there are many lighthearted silly moments to tickle your funny bone as well. Oh how I wish Akira would stop wearing those gaudy, flashy clothing. *grimaces* His poor boyfriend is such a tolerant man. Hehehe

* 4th November 2015

Click, Volume 8

Click, Volume 8 - Youngran Lee
I am not sure if I am happy with that ending. I don't like Hyejin but humans are selfish creatures most of the times. She just chose to hang onto an empty shell of a man. Not entirely her fault since the man himself is a self sacrificial fool. Who could you blame when both wanted to live with the pain of lost forever? I am actually glad Taehyun's wish is granted and they both looks good together. They are really compatible and good for each other. Of all the characters, I love Taehyun the most. He's a smart and sensible man.

* 3rd November 2015

Click, Volume 5

Click, Volume 5 - Youngran Lee
Yea, many things didn't exactly add up. Nevertheless I am still finding the story engaging and fun. That is what is most important.

Who would I have picked? The gentle and loyal friend or the smart and exciting new guy? Both has very promising future. No doubt Taehyun's future involves hidden danger and rough edges due to the nature of his business. On the other hand, Jihoon offers life-long stability and comfort. So why even I find it hard to decide between the two?

* 2nd November 2015

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