Togainu no Chi dj - Gekkan Keisu-Inu

Togainu no Chi dj - Gekkan Keisu-Inu - maymuzika*may
A cute doujinshi with Keisuke x Akira pairing from Togainu no Chi a famous Boys' Love visual novel which has also beenadapted to many other media formats such as anime, manga, drama cd and light novel.

The DJ contains 3 mini stories on the pair.

1) First story was about the ever clingy Inu-suke (Keisuike as a pet dog) and his soft-hearted owner Akira's daily life.

2) Second story was of Inu-suke unhealthy attachment with his special screwdriver which his boyfriend Akira had drew away in a fit of annoyance. A later guilt-ridden Akira lets Inu-suke had his way with him along with Inu-suke's trusty beloved screwdriver.
3) In the third and last story both Keisuke and Akira are dog boys and mating season was in full swing. Poor Akira was in heat and trying to hide himself away from others. Too bad his mating pheromone is too thick to be ignored by Keisuke. End of mating out pops a cute little baby Akira! I adore that breastfeeding part. XD

Akira is breastfeeding: image

* Reviewed on 31st December 2014