Finder Volume 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder

Finder Volume 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder - Ayano Yamane
Super hot threesome in this episode. It's the most awaited threesome in this series. Just that I am still unsure if that scorching hot ménage à trois is for real or only a fantasy that sensei created to satisfy us hungry fangirls. I for one have been dreaming for Asami x Akihito x Fei Long threesome for the longest time since I started this series. It's so surreal I have a hard time believing Akihito would actually permit that smexy scene to happen at all. Aki serving two hot male specimens at the same time and the intense undercurrent exchange between Asami and Fei Long is gloriously arousing.

Yamane sensei is always amazing at delivering stimulating and orgasmic sex scenes. I love how she drew those passionate kissing scenes. Her kissing scenes are arousing even to someone like me who personally does not like kissing.

Pic#1: Asami's trademark forceful, dominating and passionate kiss for his little blond kitten. This image is from Volume 6.

Pic#2: I find this image divinely arousing. Just look at that tongue action. Akihito was feeling conflicted here due jealousy. This image is actually taken from Volume 7, the current book I am reading.

* October 10th, 2016