Do Whatever You Want, Volume 01

Do Whatever You Want, Volume 01 - Yeri Na
This is a review and rating of the whole series. I am giving it a 3.5 stars...

...because I like the art style and it's a pleasure to feast my eyes on all the bishonen in the manga. Yummy! I also enjoyed the storyline and the lively characters. The mangaka likes to dress up her characters. It's like they are modeling in front of me. And they even have the looks to match. Lots of eye-candies. What fun!


It is pretty engrossing drama with lots of rama but it didn't end how I wish it would. In fact I believe many readers would feel the same like me. Kinda sad and disappointed with Jinwoon and Hosoon's closure. That's life I guess. Not everything would go the way we wanted it to be. So in a way this story favors realism and the author does not believe in handing out rose-colored glasses to her readers. I respect that.

Although this is a shoujo manga and is not a yaoi manga, there are quite a lot of fanservices for yaoi fans. There are much suggestive homoerotic behaviors amongst the boys. Well actually, one of the boys (not that two main characters) did have obvious attraction to his long time friend which was not reciprocated at all. And a couple of the adults are either gay or bisexual. As for the two main characters, they shown clear attraction to girls and one even have a girlfriend. Although their bromance is very VERY deep. So deep that you think they would take it on to the next level. That is what I was hoping for of course. I am guilty of that. I know. Not a surprise here since I am a die-hard yaoi/gay stories reader.

Jinwoon and Hosoon looked so good together. They are also quite intimate with each other. I really like that.


* October 15th, 2016