Desmond: A Novel about Love and the Modern Vampire

Desmond: A Novel about Love and the Modern Vampire - Ulysses Grant Dietz
Amazon again!

Why everyone seems to only favor selling their books solely on Amazon? Wish they would consider having their books at a few more ebookstores such as Smashwords or Kobobooks where their don't block off buyers just because of where they are located.

Found a used copy of this book online but it was very expensive for a tattered copy and shipping it from overseas would take no less than a month with risk of it going missing during the transition. Sigh... what a dilemma.

If given the chance, I would rather buy this book as a digital copy and support the author. I am quite keen on reading it since the author is a fan of Anne Rice and the book was inspired by her vampires. I am a die-hard fan of her vampire chronicles. Read it when I was still a very young woman. It is one of those books that I have read and reread many times over without tiring.

You could say that this book is a gay version of Anne Rice's vampire stories -- or so I think. I have always wished for Lestat and Louis to be a real couple. If Desmond is anything like the charismatic brat prince, Lestat. I am more than willing to be his victim.

*Frustrated silent scream in head* I don't know. I might just suck it up and grab that tattered copy. *rolls eyes at self*

* September 26th, 2016



November 2nd, 2016 - It has arrived! The book has finally arrived from to my office today. Yay! Actually, I have totally forgotten I have ordered for it. Haha

September 27th, 2016 - I have succumbed. Bought the used copy from Heh, at least the purchase also contributes to a good cause. Although it hurts my wallet purse, whatever.