The Captain's Pet

The Captain's Pet - Samantha Cayto
Finally! Finally finished this book. Yup, somehow I got bored with it at some point. Took me eight freaking months to finish it. Not that it was a badly written book but it does drag in places though.

Didn't feel the connection or attraction between the protagonist and his master. Feels like just lots of rough sex aka rapes and then suddenly he is all okay with it and even wants more of it. Don't get me wrong. I am so NOT not complaining about the rough sexing cos hell as I am all for it!

Perhaps it's the emotional transition from an unwilling sex slave to a cherished pet that was not handled very well here. Or, I just wanted him to resist more so I get to see more of his helplessness and despairs. Soaking up all his pain and suffering like a dry and thirsty sponge. Yeah, I get kicks out of stuff like this. “ψ(`∇´)ψ

One more thing to note - If you're a sucker for forced seduction that automatically comes with romance, this book wouldn't cut it. From the erotica perspective, I find the most enjoyable parts are the rough sex and the degradation of the sex pets. Gosh how I adored the leashes and collars. Too bad they didn't make the pets crawl on all fours.

* Reviewed on 7th June 2016

P/S: I actually had to type this review on my mobile phone. So please pardon the typos and shits. Thank you.