Mājinaru - Moto Hagio
Marginal explores a near extinction world of male population with a single female at its core for survival. In this male-only world, children are treasured and young males are prized possession of adult males who takes them in as sexual partners and provides for them like a husband would for his wife. Yet they are also viewed as trade-able commodity due to the decline of children in the community. Not very different from the status of a slave.

The story is fantastical but also quite disjointed at certain areas. Overall it was a compelling read. I was engrossed from the start till the end. I wasn't sure if I like how it ended for Kira the protagonist but perhaps that ending carries more impact and reason. Was it a HEA then? That, would highly depend on the perception of the individual reading it.

For fans of Sci-Fi mystery, government conspiracy and big adventure, this highly acclaimed shojo sci-fi manga series is for you. I have always enjoyed stories with gender-bender elements and single gender societies fascinates me very much. In addition there are also parts on body-modifications and that to me is a welcomed bonus indeed. Although the manga was under the shojo category, but without doubt it could fit nicely into the shounen-ai or even yaoi category.

* Reviewed on 11th August 2015

(This review is based on the whole series of Marginal, book 1 to 5)