A Wild Ride

A Wild Ride - Patrick Richards
Big Book of Pain and Sufferings. Makes you wanna grab your balls and run!

Absolute hardcore S&M reading material.

This is a very very tall tale and it is depraved like hell. Nick's life changed drastically when he threw himself headlong into the dark D/S world after answering a dominatrix advertisement on Craigslist. You might think this is femdom from the sound of it but it really isn't so. Pussy one very short time only and cocks all the way until the end. Nick is a straight guy but after he was sold as a sex slave he had close encounters with so many variety of man meat. I think he loves his first master's foot-long meaty cock the best although it hurts like a bitch. His overly masochist self craves for it as has learned that serving his master gives him the best pleasure.

Nick went from eating hot pussy to sucking white jumbo cocks to worshiping black gargantua man meat. He went from being a reluctant slave to a sadistic master to a mere pain toy at the mercy of a psychotic man. He was turned into a piss guzzler, a prostitute and then getting his balls fried along with the rest of him and the list of pain and insane tortures goes on and on. Then again do not worry as he has balls of steel and cough... he still has em at the end. Although I wish he could lose em fast enough to save him from all those ongoing gruesome CBT tortures.(click on the spoiler if you wanna know if he retains his nuts). It is like neverending CBT. When reading this book one would start to feel that being an eunuch has certain appeal. Be warned that the edgeplay in this book is rather on the extreme side borderline snuff material. I was properly horrified on behalf of those poor victims.

Now for the downside of things. Yes, what I have written above is not it. Those are the fun things a sadist and also a masochist readers would love reading. A spank bank for them. I am not very fond of pain and tends to avoid excessive pain in my books hence torture porn books does not appeal much to me. If I read it, it is mainly for the domination and TPE portion. I love the feeling of having total control and it is lovely if the subs suffers mentally. Okay so back to the downside of things with this book. It seems to me the characters does not act or even react or think like normal human beings. This applies to the protagonist as well as the antagonist. It is frustrating that the protagonist has no sense of self-preservation or enough fear to avoid getting himself hurt. He has repeatedly done questionable actions to screw himself over and over again. No. It is not bad luck. It is just pure stupidity. The guy has dicks for brain. Also there are just unbelievably too many bad situations thrown in together. A non-stop train wreck. There is no time for you or the protagonist to catch his breath.

Overall it is still a fun ride regardless of the protagonist's lack of brain matter. The book is a good spank bank material in the hands of the masochistic and sadistic. Even I got my high from the TPE and harsh domination. I find that it is not exactly fair to judge the book badly just because the protagonist was chucked into too many shitty situations because---- if you have noticed the title of the book, this is indeed a wild ride and it did answers well to the promises of the blurb. Although I must add that the blurb is not well put together and would attract wrong type of readers to pick it up and ending in disappointment.

To me this is around a 3.5 stars read. Since I did not find it boring or too difficult to finish. I just need to suspend my reality while reading it and I did had a somewhat good time. From what I have said I don't think you need to be a genius to know that this book is not for the faith of heart or those seeking prim and proper BDSM reads. Pick it up if hardcore no rules S&M gets your rocks off and you wanna have some sexy me time in your bedroom.


Title: [b:A Wild Ride|26014182|A Wild Ride|Patrick Richards|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1438370045s/26014182.jpg|45934829]
Author: [a:Patrick Richards|3859139|Patrick Richards|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/user/u_50x66-632230dc9882b4352d753eedf9396530.png]
Publication Date: August 28th, 2015
Type: Novel, 75,580 words
Genre: M/M Gay Erotica, Contemporary, Fiction, BDSM
Tags/Keywords: non-consensual, bondage, dominance-submission, D/S, dungeon, master-slave, anal sex, rape, slavery, slave training, abduction, captives, torture, abuse, oral sex, chastity, orgasm denial, self-bondage, CBT (cock & ball torture), butt plug, enema, collared, edgeplay, eletro-play, watersports, sensory-deprivation, prostitution, flagellation, mummification, needle-play, knife-play, wax-play, submissive, dominate, masochist, sadist, caged, boxed-up, confinement, TPE (total-power-exchange)

Someone said to Nick Johnson, “There is no difference between a cock and a clit. It is just a matter of size.” Well to a straight guy there’s a big difference. And Nick Johnson was as straight as it gets. He had so many girls in college, he couldn’t return for the second semester.
Nick was down on his luck. He was alone in a great big world and couldn’t begin to get ahead. He had no job, no future and no family to help him out.
His nights were spent on the internet, reading porn and watching videos of women dominating men. He constantly dreamed of serving a beautiful dominatrix, scantily dressed in sexy black leather, wielding a cruel whip.
Quite often he had heard that things on the internet are not as they appear. He was so naïve by thinking, “That can’t happen to me.”
After answering an ad on Craig’s list for a night of “fun with ropes, whips and paddles,” he learned how deceptive people can be. He quickly realized that he was wrong. It could happen to him.
I guess “fun with whips and paddles” is an oxymoron. The words fun and whips sort of contradict each other, especially when the person using the whip in a devout sadist. There’s nothing fun about a brutal flogging. There’s nothing fun about having a cattle prod held to your testicles while you’re hanging by your wrists from the ceiling. There is nothing fun when a straight, heterosexual male is forced to suck a cock rather than eat a pussy.
Nick’s journey through life just goes from bad to worse. Every turn seems to be down an even rougher road. From drug dealers and pimps to sadistic killers and leather doms, he experiences it all. He is forced to endure more than anyone would ever think possible, yet he somehow seems to persevere.(Hiding it in a spoiler as it was way to long.)


* Reviewed on August 14th, 2016