Haru wo Daiteita - Embracing Love - Vol.03 - Youka Nitta This 3rd installment is even better than Vol. 2. We get to see how both of them overcome misunderstandings and also some potential scandals that could jeopardize their budding relationship and advancing career. We also get to see Iwaki softening towards Kato as he begins to understand Kato better and starts to appreciate having him around. So yea, Iwaki has fallen completely under Kato's spell in this volume. On the side note, Kato's amorous attention and vigor of youth is a test to Iwaki's patience and stamina. Lol :3Kato just wants it everyday. He is that smitten with Iwaki. Poor Iwaki san. *chortling*In this volume, they are... having a blast as newlyweds. *grins broadly*.They got themselves a bigger and posher home and was playing house together. How sweet