Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts - Lyn Gala 5 shiny stars for the pleasant surprise and the wisdom it bestowed on me. Although the story was somewhat unusual, it was both unique and most original. I find the ideas and concept utilize in this story to explore the D/S dynamics in a BDSM relationship to be very though provoking and contains much insights too. I felt enlightened.For once we get to see that being a sub does not mean losing respect and self worth. And being a good dom does not require a heavy-handed approach. Instead patience, attentiveness and gentle firmness is the key to unlock a sub's trust and earn his loyalty and love in return. Under such guidance from the dom we get to see the sub relax into true servitude. I love this aspect of the book. Watching Liam's gradual and steady surrender under Ondry loving care was a wonderful journey. We get to see how blissful it was for Liam to finally be able to abandon his worries over societal demands, letting go of his inhibition and learning to trust again then reveling in the care and protection of his worthy dominant partner. He felt freer now than he ever had when he was hiding his true nature in self-preservation to avoid getting hurt again.I might have a bit of submissiveness in me because I really don't mind having someone like Ondry to master over me. At least, I can be sure that my submission would not be taken for granted or ridiculed instead my effort would be properly cherished and rewarded. It really wouldn't be bad to be held within such protective strong arms even if said arms might manhandle me a little bit *excited*. Occasional mild bondage and spanking wouldn't hurt either..... that is if it was done in a sexy kinky way. Ooohh, did I say how much I love Liam in his baby reins? And the way Ondry would wrestle him into one, turns me on big time. I can also leash you and chain you to the wall until you remember I am your chilta.” The threat made Liam smile. There was something to be said for having someone like you so much they chained you to a wall. For someone else, that would be abuse, but Liam had indulged in guilty fantasies of submitting to some strong male for so long it felt more like security.Ondry gently squeezed Liam’s neck. “You are not a chore I must discharge, palteia of mine. I love seeing you so lost in pleasure that you can think of nothing else. I love knowing that my presence causes you such a physical reaction, and I love falling asleep curled around your warmth with your fingers stroking me. And in the morning, I would like to steal your control from you and force you to admit that even your body knows that it is mine, and it will react to me even over your preferences.”Ondry started to rub the head of Liam’s cock. “I control this,” Ondry said with a smugness Liam normally saw when Ondry won a particularly profitable trade. The idea of Ondry claiming such a personal ownership over him made Liam feel trapped and blissfully happy. The sex was perfect! Highly sensual and erotic so unlike all those frenzied lovemaking we constantly read about. I am so glad that... they managed to overcome their physical incompatibility to have mutually satisfying sexual encounters with each other. That petting in substitution of sex for Ondry was a stroke of genius! I highly recommend this book to every M/M BDSM readers out there. And please don't let that odd cover deters you. The aliens in this book does not have such deathly looking tail with fins nor do they looked anything like depicted on the cover. Just to dispel any more potential fears and as encouragement, I must disclose that there are NO tentacles sex here. Therefore, non tent-sex lovers are safe to venture into this story.