Re-gendered - Keith O. McDougall ADULT EROTICA REVIEW. MINORS PLEASE TURN AWAY. TQ:I am afraid I have bought a bizarre cum silly book. What a mixed bag. Left my head spinning! Yet.. yet, I finished it! What utter horror! I need a 'slut(s)' shelf for this one. It's porn trying to have plot and kinda have bit of plot but, it IS porn. The countless and myriad variety of sex nearly drown me. Just to name a few here... Straight sex, Gay sex, Lesbian sex, Ladyboy/Chick-with-stick sex, 3-way sex and not to mention the variety of sex partners. Talk about overkill people! Whoah.Maybe it could go under the guilty pleasure mantle since some of the sex isn't too bad and quite delightful and kinky. Weird yes but not dry (I mean the sex). Oh, and yea, I better clarify that this is about gender-bending. Reprogramming of a male into a female not only involving his mind but his body as well. Not sure about his soul though since the sex fog is too thick to see through anything. I do need to warn you that the writing sucks somewhat kay. It reads like those poorly written unedited, unbetaed fanfics.