Angel - Cyma Rizwaan Khan The author did great. She managed to rip my heart out stomp on it, put it back in and then took it out again to stabbed it couple of times just to make sure before stuffing it back again. It is still in awful pain while I am typing this. Sometimes, I do wonder why I bother reading stuff that hurts me so much. Am I a closet masochist?So, the story was good, it's gripping so it's good! I like the plot, the trepidations and tension as I read. I think you could tell from my all my status updates. LOL. Ok, back on to the review. The author took a brave approach especially towards the end and it hurts like hell to read on. Can you believe my fingers are shaking till now? Yes, ouch! my poor poor abused heart.Like most of my reviews, I don't really talk about what happened in the story but more on what it makes me feel. Since there's already a blurb there doing its job on that part better than me of course. So, I'd leave that alone.There are parts in the book that strongly suggest Stockholm Syndrome whereby the very abused and tormented Angel started to long for his abuser's presence as a comfort. Lapping up every small kind gestures from Jason like a good little puppy and wanting more without really realizing how much he craves it.I think Jason on the other hand is even more dangerous than Ty. At least one could expect what Ty would do next and prepares for it. Jason makes you doubt your doubts and yourself. Do I hate him now after all the hurts and damages he had caused on an innocent soul? I am not sure. I just hope that he or the other Jasons out there would just explore their kinks in a safer manner. He could well try to pursue a consented BDSM arrangements. Or a mutual-consent master-slave settings instead of supporting slaves gangs out there where demand equals supply. On second thought, I just might hate him because of this fact alone.To me, the story has ended. No cliffy. It ended like how it should be... leaving the readers room to ponder on the gruesomeness of this persistent and unbiased plague known as human trafficking/slavery. (I am laughing at myself here because, I think I am being affected by reading [b:Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave|12337158|Trafficked The Diary of a Sex Slave|Sibel Hodge||22384060] by [a:Sibel Hodge|3517050|Sibel Hodge|] first before this book. Sorry, I can't help it. I am still feeling Sibel's message bit too strongly.)