Horror Erotica: The Merman - Nikita King Shit. I am sick. You can unfriend me now because I am not the least disturbed by this dark and depraved story. I have no need to run to momma at all. Yes, just click that unfriend button now it's for your own good if you know any better. I promise I wouldn't come at you with a machete for doing so.I have no idea why I need to choose a horror erotica as my reintroduction into M/F reads. I have been a sole M/M reader for ages now and thought it is about time for me to check back into het sex as well. Actually, the choice of this book wasn't a total failure at scoring that goal for me - well, at least it was kinda working in the beginning when sex with sexy merman involving his gigantic prehensile 10-inch cock was oh-so-divine.[ Lisa was confused and what confused her most was that the man on top of her was not pumping his hips at the moment. She felt his penis move in her anyway. It wasn’t like a normal penis, hard and straight. His penis was hard but it was thick and shaped different………. plus it was moving like a tongue inside of her. ][ It was alive on its own trying to bore itself into her, trying to work its way up to her womb. This felt so wrong yet………. It was such a different sensation than she ever felt before. It was like having a tongue embedded into her cunt, constantly licking and caressing. It was bliss.]You wet yet?So, all is well and still within the normal smexin range if you could overlook the monstrous-self-undulating-cock-with-a-mind-of-its-own, until we reach 60% into the book when all hell breaks loose.... You then get, mouth full of pointed teeth on tender flesh, blood seeping out everywhere, every orifice pumped full of fishmen seeds. Even the male nether region was not spared from sexual assault from the lusty merman, making this *points to self* yaoi fangirl a very happy girl indeed.Then, we also get an erotic underwater rape scene. Not only was the merman's agile cock great for the vagina, it was also very effective on a human male's penis.[ Arius’s cock wrapped around the human’s penis and started stroking the length. His human really liked this action because when Arius brought his mouth back to his, the human bore down on his lips in a fevered move. Arius felt the man’s hands start to run up and down his chest and it felt so good and sexy. ]The intense underwater scene is not going to leave me anytime soon. Do I liked it? Hell yeah! How could I not? It's totally awesome and I haven't seen anything like it before. Besides, I am still biased to man-on-man sex - I just love mm-smexin wayy too much. Lol. Therefore, this book isn't helping me much on diverting my attention onto good ol' het smexin. :POh, have I mention about the aphrodisiac siren song yet?[ Most humans reacted to Merfolk sort of like being hypnotize. Humans found their outward appearance so appealing that they couldn’t help but to be attracted to them. Mermen could lure and attract females and males with their enchantingly seductive siren-like singing voices and tones. Kye found that using the tones (crooning) was enough to get any female in a hypnotic like state where he could use her to his liking.][ Kye started to croon one of his seductive songs out. The female responded to it like all humans did when he would come to call on them. Her hips started to rotate slightly, searching for something, something to relieve her need. She was slowly but surely getting aroused by the crooning. Kye started toward her on his palms with his tail sliding behind him.Her legs were parted while her hips were still rotating.] I'll say.... these merfolks are flipping sex machines. They ooze of sexiness and deathly intent too. What a gripping combination it was. This is seriously one very unique erotica. It has both M/F and M/M action but mainly stays focused on M/F smexin. I do not know why the horror part failed me *shrugs* I was as calm as a toad in the sun while reading the horrors unfold. Still, I am not going to ask your opinion on my own sanity. Just feel free to click said button I've mentioned before.I have to say that this story isn't for everyone but I do think that horror erotica readers might find this very appealing. Maybe tent-sex fans might too - kudos to the impressive prehensile cock being somewhat akin to a tentacle. *wink* Anyhoo, this story is not going on my "Scare-da-shit-outta-me" shelf or my "Not-for-faint-heart" shelf. Does that make it safe for you to read it? I'll leave that to you.P/S: I am aware that a short story like this should really be accompanied by a short review. I am just not that good with words to sum it all up in just a couple of short paragraphs.