Haru O Daiteita - Embracing Love Vol. 8 - Youka Nitta Katou was stressed out from over anxiety of playing the lead actor in the upcoming movie that he had coveted so much. He needs to ensure the success of this movie as it was his last chance to survive in the entertainment industry.He was in so much distressed that it rendered him impotence. The poor thing.How would Iwaki help Kato out?In the next Chapter Katou's best friends, Onozuka and Miyasaki added considerable distruption to the loving couple's relationship, nearly causing a bad rift. Later, their make up sex had fanned Miyasaki's appetite and he was resolute on having a taste of Iwaki. An accident happened during filming and Katou nearly lose Iwaki for good. Katou's self sacrificing spirit made Iwaki realise how petty he has been and how much Katou loves him.