Transfigured Night (Kiyomerareta Yoru) - Motoni Modoru 4-May-2013:Actually, this is a re-read for me as I've already read this years back (last read on July 31st, 2009). Just wanted to refresh my memory of it and indulge in the beautiful art of [a:Motoni Modoru|223038|Motoni Modoru|/assets/nophoto/nophoto-F-50x66-2a9d702c2a0f483c9f7dd119cc28a9a7.jpg] sensei.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4-May-2013:Rating it as 3.8 stars now after my re-read. Some really twisted love this one. I don't know which one of them are crazier. I am still bit confounded by its ending.I adore the art or course. As usual Modoru sensei's art are beautiful and quite realistic. I especially love looking at the character's eyes and mouth. Drawn to it for some reason.SPOILER! Click if you wanna take a peek on what's inside this manga ;)