[REVIEW] Surprises (The Administration, #2.4) by Manna Francis

Surprises (The Administration, #2.4)Surprises by Manna Francis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Recommended for: those who enjoys slow-burn romances
Read from January 01 to 16, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

After six hours of foreplay with an interrupted fuck and minutes of adolescent groping, both Toreth and Warrick has finally moved their relationship from occasional fuck-buddy to something a little more solid. Although the hypocritical bad boy Toreth is still far from settling down with a singular person, at least now with Warrick's careful calculated nudges, they are heading towards a true relationship.

I love how Warrick's casual words could make Toreth all fired up...


Toreth:  "How do you feel about mayonnaise?"

Warrick:  "Absolutely not. I am not spending the rest of the evening smelling of egg."

Toreth:  "You can always have a wash."

Warrick:  "True, but that removes half the attraction of the idea."

Toreth:  "Which is?"

Warrick:  "The prospect of walking around with you afterwards, knowing that you've fucked me. That you've come inside me. Feeling taken." He shrugged, managing to sound almost matter-of-fact.

(...) Toreth swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry.


Also love how Toreth plays with Warrick's kink on being bound while he was roughly taken. That guy knows how to turn up the heat where Warrick's concern. Warrick was an excitable quivering mess whenever Toreth mentally and physically tops him.

This unlikely pair sure have the longest slow burn romance going-on. I am getting anxious to hear the word 'exclusive' by now.

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