Blood Honey

Blood Honey - Sakyou Yozakura
Blood Honey is just like a sugar fix. Nothing worth remembering. And that lame ending blew whatever minor redeemable features to smithereens. Tsk... tsk... tsk. 

The sex scene wasn't even sexy, it felt pasted on. And I hate that trailing drool sticking onto the characters' mouth whenever they kiss. Ewwww... just ewww. How is that sexy? Having long strain of drool like a bridge between their panting mouth. :&

There is zero mean in this one. It was funny here and there but even that didn't pack enough punch. Just a book without soul and empty of meaning or value. 

The artwork was unrefined, nothing to talk about really. Even the character's body proportion was out. 

* Reviewed on March 26th, 2014