A Pointless Existence

A Pointless Existence - Andy C
I've decided to add this to GR. Been circling around this one for ages, unsure if I should show it to my fellow dark fiction readers.

So today, after chatting with Beth, I had this sudden urge to recommend her this piece of short fiction on captivity since she seems to love stuff of this nature.

Therefore I dig around my safe and was ever so glad I could still manage to locate it. Went online to edit a Book Cover for it and slap it on GR to show my love for this story.

Do you like the cover?


Just a simple one is better than none right? :D

About the Story:
Since I've read this eons ago, I can't be writing up a proper review of it now unless I reread it again of which I might, since I have been missing it a little and it's short - very short.

What I can still remember is that this story is dark, disturbing and depraved. It might not be a masterpiece or professionally written but the concept and the story is gripping to me. At least, I could still remember it after years. And it still managed to disturb me whenever I think of it.

This story really isn't for everyone tho. It's sort of those 'acquired taste' thing.

There will be those who wouldn't feel for it. And yet some would feel strongly about it.

As it is super short, those who seeks for the value of character development and world building would definitely find none here. It's just a fanciful story, a fantasy for those who enjoy moments of wrongfulness and finding small thrills out of the horror created by such dark premise. Many of us are fascinated with how an insane or evil being mind works and the incomprehensible things they are capable of such as the permanent torture imposed on the protagonist of this story.

Since the story is just a narration of the protagonist (victim), we wouldn't be getting the POV of the antagonist (kidnapper). It's mainly the victim's re-accounting his predicament and longings due to his forced solitary.

Hence, if you are a forced captivity and dark fiction aficionados this might appeal to you.

Story Tags: M/m, voyeurism, D/s, B/D, slavery, bondage, chastity belt, realistic, noncon, Extreme, Heavy, Serious