Father Figure

Father Figure - Kichiku Neko, TogaQ 5 Stars for being such a Unique Taboo Read that Scrambles My Senses

Blood relation, just how important is that? How strong could that bond be? Is it possible to love a total stranger? Especially if that stranger shared an unbreakable bond with you?

Gabriel developed an unhealthy obsession with a man, a stranger he had hoped to get to know better and ultimately be loved by. Uriel was the father he had longed for ever since he was a child. He was bitter when he found out Uriel has a happy little family of his own now and a favored son two years his junior upon leaving his mom behind. He hated the other woman who took away what should have been his and his alone. No one should compete with him for Uriel's attention and affection. Uriel owed him that. And he will make sure his father understands it even if he has to hurt him in order for him to learn. Afterall as the saying goes "spare the rod, spoil the child", an ironic phrase for them but it is one Gabriel deemed as the right recourse to steer his Father's affection towards him.

What transpired between this pair of long-lost father and son upon their ill-fated meeting was supremely taboo and disturbing enough to make you feel so wrong and conflicted for even reading it, yet you will find it hard to stop. You just had to know why, why Gabriel did what he did, and to find out what would Uriel do to salvage both of them from any further destruction? Do we really owe that much to our own child? How much are we willing to sacrifice for own flesh and blood?

Love can be the most beautiful thing in this world. Love can also be the ugliest thing when directed by a distorted perception. Love can be hellish. To a man like Gabriel, to love is to possess wholly, to claim full ownership, to be kept close by his side irregardless of consequences. I am still unsure if all those vile acts Gabriel subjected on Uriel is even remotely redeemable.

Since the story is narrated all by the perpetrator himself, we would get to feel his every volatile emotion and his twisted reasoning. At times, the intensity of his insanity makes me shudder with disbelief and horror. Books of such nature fascinates me till no ends. Being in the mind of a delusional, unstable person gives our mind such a great workout. Needless to say, there's never a dull moment in this book. My adrenaline was kept high throughout the reading.

I must say, the angst in this story is just superb. It has precisely the right amount to keep me satisfied and on a constant emotional high.

Okay, to be on the blunt side, this is a taboo book and it is ILLUSTRATED. I repeat, IT IS ILLUSTRATED. The taboo acts are ILLUSTRATED. There, I got it off my chest and feeling much better already. I can assure you that TogaQ's artwork is to die for and the illustrations are aptly applied. It heighten the experience and shake up our emotion. If you wanna know, there are a total of 19 illustrations in this book. I wish I could show some of it here but I had to refrain from spoiling the story and lessening the shock effect. Plus I would hate to be flagged by those well-meaning-GR-police. I must clarify that not all of the illustrations are smutty, there are a couple of those safe-for-work types too.

If you are those who aren't easily disturbed by taboo reads that contains high level of incest with a dose of dark psychological and criminal theme, then this book should be a winner for you. Angst addict would definitely adore it too. As for those looking for sweet romance.. please look elsewhere. The only romance to be found here is an utterly twisted one.

On account of how much this story had lodged itself deep within me, a 5 stars rating is a given thing. In fact, most books that graces my 5 stars shelf are those that had left its indelible mark on me.

Side note to all: For sake of world peace and personal safety; NEVER EVER have unprotected sex, NEVER EVER forsake your own children. OR you might just find yourself reliving Uriel's nightmare.
I ran my fingers through his hair; it was soft. There was a kind of excitement that went through me then that felt sexual. This man was my father. He used to belong to someone else and now he belonged to me.



Title: [b:Father Figure|18877513|Father Figure|Kichiku Neko|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1385044154s/18877513.jpg|21931655]
Author: [a:Kichiku Neko|5340891|Kichiku Neko|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1371208671p2/5340891.jpg] (Author), [a:TogaQ|5340892|TogaQ|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1371210509p2/5340892.jpg] (Illustrator)
Publication Date: November 2011
Publisher: Guilt|Pleasure (Doujinshi Circle)
Type: Illustrated Novel - approximately 31,000 words, 19 illustrations
Genre:M/M, Gay, Taboo, Incest, Dominance-Submission, Noncon, Psychological Thriller, Drama
Tags/Keywords: gay, incest, taboo, dominance-submission, non-consensual, thriller, psychological, maledom, domineering male, rape, corporal punishment, caning, bodily harm, injury, murder, restraints, collar, leash, chain, hand-job, blow-job, oral sex, anal sex, rough sex, kidnap, captive, captivity, confinement, unstable mind, psychological disorder, mental disorder, obsession, stalker, stalking, voyeurism

A deep obsession with his estranged father leads Gabriel down a dangerous, twisted path.

This is an Illustrated Novel NOT a manga or graphic novel. It contains 19 illustration by [a:TogaQ|5340892|TogaQ|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1371210509p2/5340892.jpg] and the story was written by [a:Kichiku Neko|5340891|Kichiku Neko|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1371208671p2/5340891.jpg].

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* Reviewed on November 21st, 2013