Akushitsu na Nakama ni Gochuui Kudasai

Akushitsu na Nakama ni Gochuui Kudasai - Inochi Wazuka

This is fucking hot! Didn't know inverted nipples play could be so damn hot!

And look at the list of perversity done to the poor guy:

- Anal penetration
- Ahegao (Japanese term for fucked silly)
- Urethra Insertion (the whole fucking penis in penis. Da fuck?)
- Bondage
- Inverted Nipples (seriously finds the nipple play here super erotic)
- Lactation (yum!)
- Mind break (more like fucked mindless)
- Blowjob (here, suck on the lolly like a good boy)
- Feminization (Ahemm :P)

Me now...

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* Reviewed on July 16th, 2014