Kokou no Hito, Volume 6

Kokou no Hito, Volume 6 - Shinichi Sakamoto
In this volume, Niimi's background and his reason to stand on top of K2 peak was brought to light. He's a tenacious man and would not yield any hardship in order to achieve his goal. Although I am not too impress with his selfishness and recklessness. Having a man like him on the team just spells disaster in the making. He is just too much of a hothead to make wise decisions. 

Seems like every team members on this attack team are outspoken and fiercely dominating. Mori's case of extreme shyness and his inability to communicate his opinion made his stick out like a sore thumb and unsurprisingly he was being picked on by everyone. It's disheartening and scary to see how selfish humans could be. Makes me wish Mori could just ditch the team and go solo on his mission to conquer K2. This team is poisonous. Deadly even before setting a foot any where near K2. Frankly, it is almost suicidal to be apart of this team as no one could be trusted. 

While at work Mori was being pressured by unwanted attention from a persistent female colleague. She's one hell of a creepy character. Both her and Shirai is just as rotten inside although look wise the latter character has the face of an angel while this new female character was the complete opposite. Ugh.

It's evident that Mori is beginning to mature as he gain more experience with handling people around him. I guess being on a team helped his progress somewhat. I do hope that he would be more assertive in future. He is stubborn as hell yes, but when it comes to voicing his opinions he is hopeless. Blindly following orders from others while traveling on a mountain is a very bad idea. 

* Reviewed on June 25th, 2014