[RANDOM RAVE] Stealing Innocents by Cari Waites, Lisa Henry

Today, I just got my mind....




.... when I saw this...



OMG! Lisa Henry is the mysterious dark-erotica author, Cari Waites! This could only mean that we are in for lots of naughty wicked stuff to come!


I can't wait! Cari writes delicious out-of-the-box dark and downright deprave stories. It's like a siren call to me. I am weak to the allure of her dark erotica and Lisa is without restraints when she's Cari Waites. No HEA? No problemo, all the more welcome.


Stealing Innocents is a compilation of Cari aka Lisa Henry's previous books which I have read and adored to bits and pieces.


From reading the blurb here, I believe this book consist of the following stories:-


STORY#1: Gamble Everything

It brought me to Cloud9 and I get to stay in Subspace for quite some time. Ahhh~~ remembering it gives me fullbody tingles and lady-boner. [MY REVIEW]


STORY#2: Crazy

Another successful braingasm + lady-boner. Noncon + Straitjacket made my day. So helpless and vunerable. [MY REVIEW]



STORY#3: Falling Angels

Even I, got speechless over this dark piece. [MY REVIEW]


STORY#4: I have yet to read the 4th story which was a new addition specially written for this compilation.




* 19th November 2015

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1446660765