Pets - Mychael Black

Holly shit! This story sure is fucked up though not the kind of fuck up I enjoy. I am utterly bored by it after said pet met its master. I had to skim read to finish it. Luckily it wasn't a long one.

I felt cheated. Cheated by trusting the book's title and blurb. The first chapter gave me false illusion of a worthy master & pet read. I must say I am thoroughly disappointed. The characters' action and motivation does not make sense and the plot is rushed. The sex lacklustre standard fare. The story itself has zero depth. Even the 'romance' felt slapped on.

This is certainly not my cup of tea. If you are looking for some erotic petplay, turn around and look elsewhere. There's no petplay here. Nor would you find eroticism here. It's just neverending rainbows, cheerful ponies in pretty ribbons prancing around. Chokes on the sugar.

* Reviewed on 10th July 2016