Future Lovers Volume 2

Future Lovers Volume 2 - Saika Kunieda, 国枝 彩香
I am not exactly a fan of Kunieda sensei's artwork. Yet I find this manga worthwhile. It's rare to find Yaoi manga with depth and this one has spades. I like how the mangaka realistically portrays the various issues faced by same sex couples. I even find myself tearing up a little when the lovers was discussing about their future and one of them was worried he wouldn't be able to ensure his other half gets taken care of when he kicks the bucket if they do not have any legal bindings like married couple gets to enjoy. He was agonizing over how he could ensure his lover could legally secure his assets and estate once he is no longer there to take of of him.

Although this manga sounds serious but it wasn't all just about the heavy stuff as there are many lighthearted silly moments to tickle your funny bone as well. Oh how I wish Akira would stop wearing those gaudy, flashy clothing. *grimaces* His poor boyfriend is such a tolerant man. Hehehe

* 4th November 2015