Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2: The Show

Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2: The Show - Arden Chase
Somehow Book 2 lacks the intensity found in the first book. Even the sexual tension between Sol and his master has faded a few shades. There are still noteworthy kinky and erotic moments peppering the book. I especially enjoyed the intense powerplay between Master Graham and his red-headed pony, Blaze. Their session is a great test of submission and a rather good show of unyielding dominance. Master Graham has a firm hand although he is caring and tender in his own way. Blaze feels safe in his master's hands which could bring him untold pleasure amidst the pain he earns from his surrender, body and soul. I love seeing them together. Unfortunately they only had a couple of short scenes in this book.

This story follows Sol, the treasured new pony of Master Ian from Book 1. This time the story was told from Sol's point of view instead of his master. We would get the pony's true feelings on their enslavement and dehumanization. Sounds great right? But too bad. Maybe for me that is. Because once I found out how much the ponies yearns to submit to their handlers, my interest starts to wane. Too willing ponies not my cuppa tea exactly. I am bad. I know. I prefer the hardcore ponyplay when it comes to my fantasies.

Another thing nagging me is that sometimes there just aren't enough visual descriptions to help me have a clearer image of the scene I am reading. I couldn't even make out the placement of the ponies' arms and hands during their usage, especially when they are pulling carts or traps. I wanted to know what sort of gears they had on and how they look in it. It is part and parcel of what I expected ponyplay erotica to deliver. It's not a huge issue but it is definitely not negligible.

*Reviewed on July 20th, 2016