Recalcitrant Pony Boy

Recalcitrant Pony Boy - Arden Chase
I have thoroughly enjoyed this piece. There are rough and raw moments as well as heart-stirring tender moments. I enjoyed the sexual tension between the master and his ponyboy. The firm hand of the master and the reluctant submission of the pony made it all the more sweeter and tantalizing. Makes my body tingles and feels so good. And that my friend, is exactly the point of reading erotica.

I also love it when the human ponies fights their equine conditioning he was forced to subject to although in this story the ponyboys does not seem to project normal human behaviors, a puzzling fact which was pretty much left as loose ends by the author. Seems like the ponyboys here are breed in captivity and born to be pack-animals instead of the usual kidnapped-sold-as-slaves fare. Truthfully I did favor the latter but this one was unique in its own way and rather entertaining.

There are moments the author would take my breath-away with moving words of love and admiration the master has for his beautiful pony. I find their relationship sensual, erotic as well as unsuspectingly romantic. The story is mostly focused on the pony training and the master and pet dynamics with the POV of the master instead of the ponies for a change. And of course there are good doses of humiliation and degradation as a ponyplay erotica should cater for.

Overall it is a beautifully written ponyplay story with a couple of flaws here and there. Nevertheless a fulfilling read for those who craves some human equine erotica with a plot as well as a good pornographic material to feed your sexual desire.

* Reviewed on July 17th, 2016