Daddy - Jack Harbon
Lovely realistic slow burn romance. Down-to-earth young man meets mysterious suave mid-age millionaire. Both brought their own baggage into the budding relationship built on uncertain shaky grounds. Mistletoe, Vegas splurge, wedding bells and all that? Yes, and a no. Afterall reality is a hard to please biatch.

I found this gem at Wattpad. Been frequenting that site to alleviate my current book PMS and help mend my pocket. Times are challenging our livelihood. We need more freebies! And thank god for the internet we have our answers. When you struck gold, freebies could even be tons better than what you fork out hard-earned money for.

Back to our book. A prank by his best friend lands our MC with a megabuck sugar daddy. Although Mateo was not keen on the idea, he found himself drawn to the mysterious man who seems to hide something dark behind his suave countenance. Being a levelheaded kid and with his family as his utmost priority since his father was incapacitated, he decided to approach their relationship with much care and precautions. Nevertheless it is almost impossible to not fall for Arthur's kindness, his liberal-mindedness and especially his charms. Hell, what I would not give to have such a dream guy as my other half. So of course when shits hits the ceiling the whole world shakes and threatens to bring Mateo down along with it. What is Arthur so desperately hiding from him that it would cost them their perfect loving relationship so easily?

Now all this might sound like your usual slice of life drama romance fare. What held my attention was how real and natural the characters are, down to his family members and friends. How I adore Mateo and Arthur's respective female best friends. They are both such wonderful souls to have as a friend. A blessing really. I love their outspoken personality and the dynamics they have when they are together. They are close like siblings but not the annoying kind of siblings we tend to have. I think I like Mateo's BFF the most. She rocks!

Last but not least, I also enjoyed the storyline as it has much warmth and human touch. Mateo's relationship with his parents and siblings are beautiful to watch. They might be poor and struggling to make ends meet but they don't lack love in their household. That is most important and something all the money in this world couldn't buy.

Yes a free story with no editor to guide and assist would not be able to escape from spelling and typo errors. Yet I must say this author did rather well. The story was not heavily marred with unsightly errors. In fact I find the reading experience quite smooth and enjoyable.

Give Daddy a try if you are a sucker for good slow burn romances. Especially one with heart.

Happy reading and exploring. Wattpad is a good platform to discover good reads. I even have the Wattpad app on my phone and Tablet PC. Handy!

Reviewed on 25th September 2016