Top Dog MPREG Complete Series

Top Dog MPREG Complete Series - Angel Knots
This is a 3-in-1 novel. Book One is pretty exciting and engaging although even then I did find the story somewhat predictable. Book Two onward was quite a train-wreck. To be fair, it does have an actual storyline and some meat to chew on. If only the plot is more stable and realistic to human nature.

For me, the biggest plop would be the overly drawn-out sex scenes which involves whole lot of telling and telling and more telling. On top of that the sex scenes are way to annoyingly repetitive. I am very much aware that this is an erotica but I want to feel the sex not listen to it.

The story did have potential to be an interesting shifters mpreg romance. Too bad it was drown by excessive nonessential sex scenes. You know, there are many ways of showing readers the passion, love and adoration the couple has for each other other than having mindless sex.

Needless to say it is a definite zero for character building and also I did not feel the chemistry between the lovers. That 3 stars is in view of the rather refreshing mpreg shifters concept on mating and pregnancy. It is also for the fact that I did really enjoyed Book One.

* Reviewed on January 2nd, 2017