TS Trouble (Ch. 1-3) [TSとらぶる 第1-3章]

TS Trouble (Ch. 1-3) [TSとらぶる 第1-3章] - You Nakagawa [中川優]
Pretty hot stuff. Former male got gangbanged every nook and cranny without a minute pause in between the sex rape scenes. Pumped full of male juice and wanting more and more! Then he got himself creamed by a lustful girl of his dream. I love how reluctant he was at first and how he lost control over his body due to the forced sexual stimulation. Aahh, no no no! Then.. it was ooohhh yes yes YESSsss. Sighhhh how awesome. Totally stirred my wicked little heart.

* Reviewed on 17 October 2015