Branded - P.L. Nunn
Holly shit! This is super fucked up. I didn't like it once he was taken by that crazy Judge. Also didn't like what happened at that depraved fair. O﹏o

I guess Book 2 is way too dark and insane for me. I only enjoyed the part where the poor guy is still a ponyboy and being trained hard by his rough handlers.

After finishing the book, I wish for him a fast death. The poor thing. How could anyone survive that kind of insanity? I am fully disturbed by that last scene.

But I can't blame anyone as I have been well warned. The author did state in full caps on the blurb that this book is HARDCORE NON-CON AND TORTURE-PORN. If you think [b:Neko|10857743|Neko|P.L. Nunn||15772652] has it bad. Think again.

Now I am pretty torn on whether I should get Book 3 when it's available for sale. But I can't exactly say no since I am dying to know if there's any hope for the young man at the end. Actually I had thought that Book 2 is the finale since it was started so on the blurb of Book 1. Seems like this isn't the case at all. I do hope Book 3 would wrap everything up. I need a good closure for that tortured soul.

Yes, I am very smitten by this book cover. (˘‿˘ʃƪ)

Title: [b:Branded|32617998|Branded (Branded, #2)|P.L. Nunn||53205243] 2 (Branded #2)
Author: [a:P.L. Nunn|2986789|P.L. Nunn|]
Publication Date: Unknown
Publisher: Self-Pub
Type: Short Graphic Novel (31 pages - Color and Black and White)
Genre: Gay Graphic Novel Erotica, Hardcore Ponyplay
Tags/Keywords: hardcore ponyplay, heavy noncon, capture-kidnap, bondage, butt plug, horse bit, horse saddle, bondage horse shoe glove, human pony taming/training, rapes, gang-rapes, breathplay, boxed, depravity, bestiality, dehumanization, objectification, exhibitionism, torture, humiliation, human horse/pony, cock-ball-torture (CBT), corporal punishments, piercing, whipping, enema, scat, fisting

The second book of the Branded series.

Things get darker for our unfortunate young cowhand, when he is taken to the yearly gathering, where he discovers he is not the only drifter to be taken and turned into a plaything for the men of this strange western community. As if that were bad enough, the Judge, the leader of this sadistic little cult, has decided to claim him.


This is not a book for the faint of heart, so be warned.

★|| PL Nunn's Bishonen Works ||★

* Reviewed on October 17th, 2016


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Yahoo! Finally! The 2nd book is out and available for purchase. So getting this yummy edition for my ponyplay collection. A-MUST-HAVE even-though my currency is now very weak against USD. *cries a little*. But I would kill myself if I miss this one.


* October 16th, 2016