Belated love กว่าจะรู้ เล่มจบ

Belated love กว่าจะรู้ เล่มจบ - 藍淋, หลันหลิน, เฟื่อง, 何何舞
This one is around 3.5 stars or so.

Finished in record time. It is entertaining and fun to read. But it wasn't as intense and evocative as the first book, Long Way Home (歸途) in the Round Trip (雙程系列) series.

Older guy as the bottom is not exactly my cup of tea but I am surprised it could secure my attention so well and I did enjoyed reading it. The age gap here is very wide. They are 18 years apart in age and that older guy is highly-sexed and favors younger men. Sexually he is originally a top who does not bottom at all until he met and fell in love with a handsome young man. It just happened that that young man is rather dominant when it comes to sex. Therefore that older guy had to compromise or not get to touch or see him at all. He gave in rather reluctantly and they would wrestle each other for the top position whenever they have sex.

I think I know why I am so engrossed with this author's work. Her characters are imperfect human beings with benign desires as well as dark intentions. This gave a sense of realness to her characters and they world he/she had created.

This story is supposed to be book 3 in the series. I have unintentionally skipped book 2 not knowing the correct sequence of this series until much later. Therefore I am going to be reading book 2 shortly after I have watched the film adaptation of it. I have a feeling book 2 is just as engrossing and intense as book 1.

* Reviewed 4th November 2016