[REVIEW] Saddled (A Briarwood Agency Story) by Lyn Gala

Juicy Ponyplay story. Please bring extra panties!


Short but packs a punch! Smoking hot! The creative breaking and taming of a new human stallion was SO delicious to read. Absolutely thrilling and it makes my body tingles delightfully akin to having mini-orgasms. Now this is what I called ponyplay erotica.


What makes this extra delicious was the dubious consent that comes with the right mixture of consent cum noncon elements in it. I relish the sweet struggles by the protagonist between obedience and his instinct to fight what was forced upon him even knowing beforehand what he had signed up for in the first place. John's master allowed him his instict although he effectively controlled John's autonomy. John really had no idea this task would be much harder than it sounds on the call sheet for he would have to surrender himself entirely to the devious manipulation of a knowledgeable horse trainer.


Breaking a wild stallion was the sexual heights Davis seek for when he place his order with the Agency. I would say Davis got very lucky when the agency sent John to him as per his stated requirements; someone new to ponyplay and he got even luckier as John was a virgin bottom. Would he be able to tame this new stallion enough to slide his cock in for the pleasure of the beast's submission?


I like how John's mind is holding him in place besides his restrictive pony gears. He had to yield no matter how humiliating it was to be treated like a real horse and then ridden like one (pun intended). By allowing John his instinct to fight, the sexual tension was all the more intense. Because of it, taming him was a much sweeter challenge.


The author is very good at creating and sustaining the sexual tension between the characters and surrounds it with a fitting atmosphere. I don't even need the actual sex scenes to get excited, the training part was sufficient to make me change my panties. Freaking love the wicked preparations and the trainings Davis subjected John to. Mmmm... yummylicious!


I feel so wicked for loving all the sufferings John gone through. Davis dirty talking made me shudder with pleasure. And I freaking adored that devious bridle with a U-bracket bit in John's mouth although I still wonders how it looks like and how it works.


A big humongous thank you to Ms. Gala for writing and sharing this arousing story. I would love to read more of such stories in the future. It certainly was better than money could buy.




I could understand why the author does not wish to list this story on Goodreads. There are readers who would rate it low just because of its length despite knowing it is supposed to be a short story. This is regardless if the story delivered the right impact perfectly. Some just don't bother to give due consideration on the execution of the storyline and its theme. Even I find this most frustrating and unfair.


I don't exactly believe in judging a story by its length as I have seen many short ones that are much better than those lengthy ones. As long as the story delivers its theme and premise perfectly and manages to make a deep impression then it is a good story in my opinion and well deserving to be praised. Unless of course if it was an overpriced short story book with no word count disclosure. Some of these book even failed to make the story worthy of its price tag. Now these are the ones most deserving to be penalized. 



Saddled by Lyn Gala



Title: Saddled (A Briarwood Agency Story)

Author: Lyn Gala

Publication Date: October 10th, 2013

Publisher: Unpublished Free Short Story

Type: Short Story, 10K words (approximate)

Genre: M/M Erotica, Contemporary Fiction

Main Characters:

John (MC aka Wild Stallion) and Davis (the rich guy who had ordered for someone to play pony for him)

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ponyplay, horse training, horse trainer, stables, horse tacks, bridle, harness, spreader bar, bondage glove, prostitution, rich guy, master and pet, wild stallion, anal sex, light whipping, bondage, restraints, gag, butt plug, anal fingering, anal play

(show spoiler)


Author's Note:

I’m the first to admit that sometimes I’m in a mood for erotica. I don’t want a whole lot of plot… just enough for me to keep my imagination happy. When these moods hit, I’m often vulnerable to those 2.99 short stories that promise happy, kinky fun. And I’ve written about how often I find myself disappointed. Often. Today I was trying to find inspiration for my writing and I went looking. It was not a good day, so I decided that instead I would do a little writing. Mind you, I should have been working on my contracted story, but sometimes the muse wants what she wants.




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* Reviewed on April 22nd, 2014