[REVIEW] Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, #3) by Sean Michael

Pony Play - Sean Michael

Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, #3) by Sean Michael

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Recommended for: Ponyplay first timer. Even vanilla readers could read this one.
Read on April 28, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1



Chokes on the cloyingly sweet ponyplay

The amount of unicorns prancing happily in a brightly lit meadow suffocates my brain. I am disappointed it's not what I have been expecting. So much for breaking in a new pony, it's more like the sweet surrender of an airhead. 

Perhaps I am spoiled by all those dark hardcore ponyplay stories. There wasn't much to look forward to in this story. The interaction between the groom and his ponyboy lacks the intensity to engage me.  This is due to the groom aka trainer kept explaining every single thing that he is going to do to the protag each time he is going to do something and this my friend, is an instant excitement and mood killer. For what is there to look forward to when we already know what is coming? Zero element of surprise makes this a boring book to read. I might as well go read a pony gentling manual. 

So much telling, lack of showing, readers dubbed as mentally challenged.

If there is such a thing as vanila-ponyplay, voila! They even ride into the sunset hand-in-hand, that is figuratively speaking. Yes, I do not buy their insta-attraction and insta-commitment at all. Unless both are just airheads with zero common sense. 

I am giving it a 2 stars because I quite like some of the foreplay, sex and certain parts of the training. 

I did like the cover tho. Because of it I was compelled to read this book.
ponyplay by sean michael

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* Reviewed on April 30th, 2014


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