[ART] I could stare all day at this beautiful creature (Merman)

This is AWESOME. I want him in my fish tank. Wanna gawk at him day and night. 



I think I will use this picture as my next year M/M Romance Group story prompt. Perhaps a pregnant merman abandoned by his land lover?


He reminds me of a bizarre M/M book I've read called Playing with Food by K.A. Merikan. I really liked that book for its uniqueness and would die for a sequel if not then an extended version of it. 





P/S:  Thanks to a friend over at Goodreads, I've just found the artist of this fabulous piece. Read more about it here: MERMAN COLBY COMES TO LIFE



Info on this Sculpture:

Title:  Myth as Object

Artist: Cameron Stalheim

Model: Colby Keller 



* Just found a video on the making of this sculpture here: CLICK ME FOR VIDEO



Source: http://kynthosyuat.tumblr.com/post/85292789760/awesome-i-want-him-in-my-fish-tank