[REVIEW] Haikei, Niisan-sama by Tohru Tagura

3.5 Stars for this angsty brotherly romance.


As usual, I appreciate abundance of angst in my stories and this one was at it from the start till the end.


The brotherly love between Yutaka and Minoru was really endearing. The angst are mostly the pair of brothers battling with their own more-than-brothers affection towards one another. It is an incestuous story but it does not involves..

...any sex. Minoru leave Yutaka's chastity intact.

(show spoiler)

So this is just shonen-ai instead of yaoi.


Since they both are suffering from deep brother complex, there are times when I would question if they truly loves each other as lovers or it was only a misinterpretation of strong siblings love? They themselves was pretty confused on this as well.


As for the artwork, it was pretty nice although some might complain Yutaka looks like a girl. He's still a teenager anyways. On the other hand Minoru does looked really young here much like a high schooler despite being a 26 years old man. Then again asian guys tends to look younger than their age and the years would only begin to show in their late 30s.


All things considered, this is a decent shonen-ai manga and was fairly engaging.




* Reviewed on May 10th, 2014




Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/927137495